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Conditions for continuation of the lease agreement are met 

Round table chaired by former NRW Minister of the Interior Dr. Ingo Wolf worked out a solution

Bergisch Gladbach
Jan 21, 2021
We are pleased to announce that all conditions for the continuation of the lease, formulated by the Bergisch Gladbach City Council in December, have been met.

A “round table” of all parties involved (management, shareholders and employee representatives of Zanders Paper GmbH as well as insolvency administration and creditors’ committee of Zanders-Abwicklungs GmbH under the mediation of the former NRW Minister of the Interior Dr. Ingo Wolf) was able to work out a solution that meets all the demands of the city of Bergisch Gladbach. This means that the Council’s requirements for the 6-month interim lease until the end of June 2021 have now been met and preparations for the long-term lease with the City of Bergisch Gladbach from July 2021 can begin.

We thank you our customers, suppliers and partners for the lasting business and support through this period and look forward to meeting with you very soon and continuing our cooperation. Our special thanks go to our employees for their exceptional commitment and lasting dedication to our company.

We will keep you informed about the progress at Zanders Paper. The production of all products continues and your contact persons will gladly explain you further details.