Service Converting

In ad­di­tion to pre­mium qual­ity spe­cial­ty pa­per and boards, we of­fer added value to other part­ners by pro­vid­ing con­trac­tual pa­per and car­ton­board con­vert­ing with a va­ri­ety of spe­cial­ist equip­ment.

Our ex­per­tise and ex­pe­ri­ence in pro­cess­ing pa­per and car­ton­board with the ut­most care en­able us to pro­vide su­pe­rior ser­vices when­ever a trans­for­ma­tion from reel to sheet or a be­spoke so­lu­tion is re­quired. Thanks to our op­ti­mal lo­ca­tion in the cen­tre of Eu­rope we serve as your gate­way to Ger­many and the en­tire Eu­ro­pean mar­ket and be­yond!


Our Services
  • Converting from reel to sheet
  • Ream wrapping
  • Guillotining
  • Embossing
  • Logistic services
  • Sample service
  • Laboratory service
Your Benefits
  • Conveniently situated for customers
  • Optimally located in the centre of the European Market
  • Tailor-made service
  • Short lead times
  • Flexibility
  • Extra capacity to complement any sheeting shortage


Technical Capabilities
  • Seven sheet cutters annual capacity >150k tonnes
  • Cut-size line annual capacity >17.5k tonnes
  • Ream wrapping machinery annual capacity of 20k tonnes
  • Two guillotines
  • Onsite pallet production