Michaela Schmitz: The first fe­male pa­per­maker in NRW

Since 1992: not only a job for men – as up to that time night work for women was banned

Mar, 2017

To mark In­ter­na­tional Wom­en’s Day on 8 March 2017 – and on be­half of all fe­male col­leagues, we would like to in­tro­duce Michaela Schmitz. She works on the cut-size line on which the pa­per we pro­duce is cut into the for­mats re­quired by our cus­tomers. Every day, she proves with full com­mit­ment that pa­per pro­duc­tion is ab­solutely not re­stricted to men. Un­til 1992, there was a ban on night work for women due to work reg­u­la­tions dat­ing back to 1891 (!).

There­fore, there were only male pa­per­mak­ers, as in this pro­fes­sion, night work within the frame­work of shifts is in­evitable. When Michaela Schmitz started her ap­pren­tice­ship to be­come a qual­i­fied pa­per­maker (to­day a “pa­per tech­nol­o­gist”) at Zanders in 2000, she was one of the first women in this male-dom­i­nated field and fi­nally be­came the first ever fe­male pa­per­maker in the whole of NRW. Our spe­cial thanks go to her and all the other fe­male work­ers who do great job here in the com­pany: Thank you!