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New cooling unit installed

Higher cooling capacity for higher coating production

Bergisch Gladbach
Nov 17, 2020

Keep cool: The stars of the Zanders machinery are certainly the large paper and coating machines. However, there are thousands of other devices and equipment that are irreplaceable for paper production, but less in the spotlight. One example: The cooling units in the color preparation department, of which Zanders has just installed a new one.

The coating, which gives the different types of paper their special properties, consists of pigments, binders and additives in different mixing ratios – depending on the function the coated paper is supposed to have. The composition for Zanders’ high-gloss Chromolux is different from that for Zanlabel or Zanpack; for Zanjet and Silver Digital it is specially designed to meet the requirements of digital printing. During mixing, the coating would heat up so much without cooling that it “gels” to a semi-solid mass and thus becomes unusable. This is avoided by cooling machines, of which Zanders has a total of eight installed.

Photo: Tobias Müller for Zanders

The picture shows the new cooling unit from Carrier: it is operated with an energy-saving refrigerant and has a cooling capacity of 509 kW. The large horizontal pipes (grey and black) are the two cooling circuits (heat exchangers). Compared to the replaced unit, the higher cooling capacity shortens the time needed for mixing, so Zanders can produce more coating; at the same time, the new cooling element consumes less energy despite its higher capacity.