Our Brands

Chromolux paper

Best-in-class label paper

Chromolux board

Cast coated premium board

Chromolux tinted

Tinted premium base board

Chromolux digital

High gloss premium board for
digital printing

Zanlabel gloss

Label paper combining
efficiency and high quality

Zanlabel high gloss

High gloss wet-strength
label paper

Zanlabel touch

Unique uncoated label paper
with a natural surface

Zanpack silk

Cost-efficient board for high- value applications

Zanpack silk²

Two-side double coated board
for luxury packaging

Zanpack tinted

Tinted board with excellent
folding characteristics

Zanpack touch

Unique uncoated board with
a natural look and feel

Silver digital

Cost-efficient papers and boards
for toner based printing


Two-side coated (gloss and silk)
high-speed inkjet paper


Oil and grease resistant papers
for flexible food packaging


Uncoated kraft papers for
flexible food packaging