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Three new trainees: Zanders continues to train its own junior staff

“I selected Zanders for the high quality of the training.”

Bergisch Gladbach
Aug 14, 2020

Three more trainees are laying the foundation for their solid professional development at Zanders: Sven Küpper (far left in the photo) is completing the training as a paper technologist, Tobias Remmert (centre) as a machine and plant operator and AlpTimurcin Coban as a mechatronics engineer. This means that once again all three training courses offered by the paper mill have been filled. Sven Küpper on his decision to train at Zanders: “I chose Zanders because of the high quality of the training. Many former apprentices and current employees have told me about it. From the first information on the website and the contact with the personnel department to the discussions with my trainer, the good reputation has been fully confirmed”.

Youths and young adults who do not yet have an apprenticeship place can still apply, emphasises Zanders head of personnel Thomas Döring: “If qualification and motivation are right, it is possible to start even shortly after the start of the training year”. In addition, all trainigs could also be completed by women without restriction. “Female apprentices are very welcome at Zanders”, says Döring. Interested parties can find detailed descriptions of the training courses on under “Career”.

zanders new trainees

Photo: Tobias Mueller for Zanders Paper

The three new Zanders trainees (from left): Sven Küpper (training as paper technologist), Tobias Remmert (machine and plant operator) and Alp‐ Timurcin Coban (mechatronics technician) with corona safety disctance in the pulp warehouse of the paper mill.